vampyr combat 1.jpg

Vampyr - an action role-playing game from French developer DONTNOD - has always looked promising on paper, but after sinking our fangs into some gameplay footage last month, we're still not totally sold on this often janky looking trip through old London's dingy streets. That said, the newly released screenshots that we've embedded do make combat look pretty cool, as main character Jonathan is able to harness his vampiric powers to pull off some creepy magical attacks.

vampyr combat 2.jpg
vampyr combat 3.jpg

The latest press release speaks of branching skill trees that'll determine your style of play, whether you're comfortable with utilising Jonathan's bloody abilities or not. What's more, your actions outside of battle will apparently impact its difficulty. Feeding on innocents grants you large amounts of experience so that you can level up the lead that much faster, but giving in to your needs as a vampire will also make citizens wary of you, and this, in turn, can impact the title's narrative. Oh, and you'll also be able to avoid fights entirely if you like, with stealth naturally playing a part.

Sound good to you? Tell us whether you'll be succumbing to your thirst for blood in the comments section below.