Life Is Strange dev DONTNOD has deployed the first 15 minutes of gameplay from horror role-playing game, Vampyr. While this is all pre-alpha footage, it serves as a short introduction to the seedy streets of London, where a pandemic has sent the English capital into disarray. Dr Jonathan Reid, the protagonist, is a troubled soul – caught between his conscience and his lust for human blood.

The demo actually does a decent job of demonstrating the moral quandaries that you'll find yourself enveloped in. It opens with the funeral of a young lady who Reid has fed on, and shows him wrestling with his conscience. As he makes his way to the nearby church to confess his sins, he finds himself in need of food again. The game allows you to pick who you target.

And like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, every person comes with a backstory. In the demo, we see a dastardly debt collector intimidating an innocent person, and so Reid decides to feed on him. Sadly, as the "thug" slumps to the floor, he mentions that he's just trying to look after his son, who's desperately ill. That's two lives on the conscience of the good doctor following a single meal.

If the whole game can maintain this level of ethical intrigue, then it could be very good. The voice acting is pretty hammy, and the Bloodborne-inspired combat looks far from finished, but there's definite promise in the mood and premise here. Are you hungry for DONTNOD's latest game? Flash your teeth in the comments section below.

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