We knew that Milla Jovovich's live-action Resident Evil movies were relatively popular, but we didn't realise there was a sixth one coming out. Due in January 2017 – the same month as Resident Evil 7, of course – Alice will return for the final chapter in director Paul W.S. Anderson's series, which has been running for a ridiculous 15 years now.

The teaser trailer shows the 40-year-old Ukrainian actress acting as bad ass as ever, with Ali Larter also reprising her role as Claire Redfield. The plot will see the crew return to Raccoon City, where Umbrella are still the bad guys. The movie fiction has obviously deviated heavily from the games, but there are still crossover similarities.

If this flick's anything like the previous instalments – and judging by the trailer, it seems that it is – then you can expect 90 minutes of eye-candy and some ridiculous stunts. There's nothing really wrong with that we suppose – at least it's honest about what it's trying to be. Are you up to date with these movies? Somersault into the comments section below.

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