Whatever you think of our review policy here at Push Square Towers – and whether we should invest our biscuit budget into an office steering wheel – there's one thing that we can all agree: 10/10 review scores are rare. In fact, while some sites may use the upper-end of their scale liberally, we like to be a bit more conservative; the scale's there to be used of course, but not every game is the greatest thing since Dairy Milk and Walkers crisps.

We know what you're thinking, though: what about that time you gave Killzone 3 top marks? Look, this haunted author wasn't even on the payroll then and it still makes us feel ill to this very day. But the point is that when Inside scored a 10/10 recently, you can be rest assured it deserved it. And while we're scared of showing too much of the game for fear of spoilers, we've embedded the first 10 minutes or so above so you can get an idea of just how good Playdead's latest is.

Now imagine the final 10 minutes being exactly the same thing, only amplified 1,000 times by a development team clearly off its freakin' nut. It's just that good.

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