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1 (Single Player)
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PlayStation 4

  • US 23rd Aug 2016
  • EU 23rd Aug 2016

PlayStation Plus Extra (Subscription)

  • 18th Oct 2022 until 17th Oct 2023
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  • Review Inside (PS4)

    Step Inside

    Reviewing Inside is a tough proposition. On the one hand, this is a game that is fully deserving of a write-up overflowing with superlatives. On the other hand, to describe practically anything that happens in the game in anything other than the vaguest of terms would be to rob the player of the joy of discovering those moments for...

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Inside News

  • News Inside and Limbo Double-Pack Bundling Two of PS4's Best Games

    Blobby blobby

    If you’ve never played Danish developer Playdead’s macabre puzzle platformers Limbo and Inside, then you simply need this retail double-pack in your life. The collection – being published by 505 Games – is set to release on 12th September in North America and 15th September in Europe, at a reasonable price point of $29.99 and...

  • Game of the Year 2016 #2 - Inside

    Inside out

    Much has been said about the last twenty minutes of Inside. And rightly so – it's one of the most intense and intriguing sections of any game in recent memory. But to focus solely on those moments would be to do a disservice to what is a consistently excellent experience. Indeed, from its very first second, Playdead's sophomore effort...

  • Weirdness Inside's Soundtrack was Created Using a Human Skull


    What the heck? According to a very detailed and informative article over on Gamasutra, brilliant PlayStation 4 indie Inside's soundtrack was created using an actual human skull. No, you read that right - composer and sound designer Martin Stig used a real human skull and jawbone to help make the game's music. "Early on, as we were working...

  • Video You Really, Really Should Play Inside on PS4

    Don't be on the outside

    Whatever you think of our review policy here at Push Square Towers – and whether we should invest our biscuit budget into an office steering wheel – there's one thing that we can all agree: 10/10 review scores are rare. In fact, while some sites may use the upper-end of their scale liberally, we like to be a bit more...

  • News Inside Comes Out to Playdead on 23rd August

    Sooner than expected

    Following its Trophies leaking on Exophase a few days ago, Sony has now confirmed that the critically acclaimed Inside will launch on PlayStation 4 on 23rd August. Playdead's second title hit PC and Xbox One two months ago in June, and released to widespread praise from both critics and players. Its sudden arrival on...

  • News Playdead's Inside Steps Outside on PS4 This Month


    Trophies for Playdead's critically acclaimed Inside leaked earlier today, suggesting that it won't be in Limbo on Sony's new-gen system for long. And now VG247 has cited trusted sources who claim that the title will release this month on the PlayStation 4. The title launched on the Xbox One in late June, but that's a win

  • News Acclaimed Indie Darling Inside Poised for PS4 Release

    Get in-side

    Playdead's critically acclaimed Inside garnered much acclaim when it released on the Xbox One and PC earlier this year, prompting us to quiz the Danish developer about the possibility of a PlayStation 4 release. We were told that the studio wants to put the title on as many platforms as possible, and it looks like it's not hanging around...

  • News Is Limbo Dev Playdead's Inside Coming to PS4?

    Studio wants game in as many hands as possible

    One game that's been not-so quietly drawing plenty of plaudits over the past couple of weeks is Limbo developer Playdead's Inside. The puzzle platformer has been hoovering up 10/10 reviews like they're going out of fashion, and currently commands a 92 on Metacritic. The problem? It's not currently...

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The next game from Limbo developer, Playdead.