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The saga regarding No Man's Sky's non-existent online play trucks on, as European gamers have discovered stickers on the limited edition version of the game, obscuring any references to online gameplay. The label includes a PEGI 7 rating and a warning for mild violence, but peeling it back reveals a PEGI 12 rating and an online play icon.

Now, before everyone freaks out and starts sending Sean Murray hate mail, it's very likely that this was simply a printing error on Sony's part, and it was too late in the process to re-manufacture the covers. Still, it's not great timing, considering Hello Games is currently embroiled in a bit of a backlash regarding whether the game has multiplayer or not.

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To keep you in the loop, the developer has gone on record numerous times as saying that you'll be able to see other players in the expanses of the universe. However, two people landed on the exact same planet on launch day, and nothing happened. Murray blamed this on server overload, but people have even started analysing the game's packet data, only to discover that it doesn't send out positional data.

Could the feature have been removed at the last minute? We reckon that it's highly unlikely. In the case of these box art labels, we genuinely believe that it's just an innocent error by a graphic designer. What do you reckon, though? An honest mistake or an attempt to conceal misleading communication? Ping your bullsh*t detector in the comments section below.