Our buds over at Digital Foundry are back for another performance analysis, and this time, they're putting the frame rate of No Man's Sky to the test. It's safe to say that when it comes to sandbox titles on PlayStation 4, we're used to seeing some frame rate dips here and there - and this is the case with Hello Games' space sim, too.

During general gameplay, the frame rate is said to stick at a solid 30 frames per second, but it does see drops when the engine is pushed. For example, the publication notes that you can see some relatively big dips when flying just above a brand new planet's surface, but that's pretty much expected given that the game has to generate a fresh environment without the use of loading screens.

No Man's Sky doesn't run perfectly on PS4, then, but it sounds like these specific frame rate drops aren't quite enough to damage the experience. Not bad for such an ambitious title from a tiny team of developers.

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