It was only a matter of time before "clickers" started to infect the PlayStation 4, wasn't it? The popular genre – which is defined by its simple gameplay and constantly increasing numbers – is already a smash on computers and smartphones, and now AdVenture Capitalist is aiming to bring a little of the love to Sony's new-gen system. One day in, and we're already hooked.

The premise is simple: you own a lemonade stand, and with a tap of the square button you'll make your first profit. Eventually you'll earn enough cash to buy a second lemonade stand, doubling your income. This will enable you to hire managers who'll oversee your fledgling drinks empire for you, so that you can turn your attention to newspaper rounds, and so it continues.

The appeal here is your bloating wealth. You can increase the speed of your income by monopolising an industry, and also purchase upgrades to maximise your profits. Before long, you'll own entire hockey teams, movie studios, and oil rigs. And with each acquisition that you make, the figurative carrot dangles a little further in front of you, always enticingly out of reach.

Indeed, for such a simple game, this may just be the most irritatingly addictive title that we've ever played. You make money while you're not even playing, so there's a compulsion to keep yourself in the best possible shape to take advantage of your time away. Eventually, you can fund trips to the moon and mars, where all-new commercial opportunities await.

Yes, there are microtransactions that are designed to speed up the process, but we haven't found them particularly appealing as of yet – they can be easily ignored. It's those ever-inflating numbers that have left us hooked, and we're not sure when the lust for more is ever going to end. The most irritatingly addictive game on the PS4? You betcha.

Have you got hooked on AdVenture Capitalist yet? Dig out a straitjacket and try to resist clicking in the comments section below.