There's no question that Battlezone is the best PlayStation VR title that we've tried to date, so we didn't really need another trailer to sell us on the game. This clip does tease at tons of new features, though, including new enemy types, weapons, and even tanks. The cool thing about this game is that it's got a procedurally generated campaign, and you'll earn credits as you play in order to upgrade your tank. In other words: it's a proper video game, rather than an experience.

On paper it may look like a basic first-person shooter, but it's impossible to overstate just how important the sense of place is in this game – it feels like you're sat inside a gigantic futuristic tank, and that delivers a level of immersion that's unmatched in any other title. And it must be good, because Sony's actually going to publish a retail version of this on 13th October, so it's being billed as a tent pole launch title. Deservedly so, too.