Microsoft jumped feet first into the iterative hardware space at E3 2016, announcing Project Scorpio for… Well, the end of 2017! Sony, on the other hand, opted to keep the PlayStation 4K closer to its chest, confirming that it is working on an upgraded console, but refusing to share specifics until the platform is officially announced – presumably later in the year.

This has led to some baseless speculation from key industry personalities that the platform holder's returned to the drawing board – a dramatically improved GPU over double the specifications of the existing PS4 apparently not good enough to keep up with what Microsoft's got in the pipeline. But we reckon that's complete and utter nonsense – and here's why.

While the story goes that Sony is running scared of Scorpio, we actually think that Microsoft accelerated its plans in response to being caught cold by the Japanese giant's upgraded console. The PlayStation maker's requesting Neo versions of PS4 software to start shipping this October, suggesting that the system will launch later this year.

PlayStation president Andrew House has also said that it wants to release the console almost immediately after it's announced, with a reveal at some point over the next eight or so weeks looking increasingly inevitable. If, indeed, Sony's set to drop the PS4K bomb quickly, then the concept-heavy Scorpio video was probably moved forward by Microsoft to ensure that it remains in the conversation.

As such, we don't think that PlayStation's running scared of Scorpio, scrambling to catch back up – we'd argue that it may be the other way around. And while both manufacturers still have a lot to prove when it comes to iterative hardware, we're starting to salivate over the fact that we have a couple of new console launches to look forward to in the near future.

Do you think that the Project Scorpio reveal has left Sony reeling – or do you reckon it'll stick to its roadmap irrespective of the competition? Would the Japanese giant really squander a one year head-start in order to maintain hardware parity? Try not to get stung in the comments section below.

Is Sony scared of Project Scorpio? (130 votes)

  1. Yes, and I bet it's already gone back to the PS4K drawing board18%
  2. I don't know and I don't care35%
  3. No, it's got a headstart and will release PS4K as soon as possible46%

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