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The PlayStation 4K, or Neo as it's supposedly codenamed, is not a rumour anymore; Sony may have refrained from commenting on the upgraded hardware, but it's almost certainly happening. The big question is: when? Previous rumours pegged the supercharged platform for October, which is when PlayStation VR is also set to deploy. But now a French distributor – continuing the console's penchant for leaks – has hinted that we may see it before the end of September.

That's according to reports on Innelec Multimedia's earnings results by stocks website and blog According to both sources, the company expects the "Neo 4K" to arrive in the first half of its current financial year, which runs through until the end of September. It's not entirely clear whether it's working from guesswork or inside information, but history does show that Sony has rolled out hardware revisions in the same period in the past – the original PlayStation 3 Slim being the most notable.

We're really interested to see how E3 plays out for the platform holder. On the one hand, we suspect that it won't want to announce the PS4K until it's almost ready for release, which we do anticipate will be in the September timeframe. But, given the scale of the Neo leaks, we're not entirely sure how it's going to get through an entire convention without mentioning the unannounced machine. We suppose that our questions will be answered in a few weeks.

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