Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 PlayStation 4 1

The saga of Rise of the Tomb Raider continues – well, sort of. Despite not being mentioned at E3 2016 last month, Square Enix has reiterated in a Q&A that the game is still on track for release later this year on the PlayStation 4. According to Crystal Dynamics via an admin on the publisher's official forums, Lara Croft's latest is very much slated for Sony's system this Holiday 2016.

It's going to be really interesting to see how the organisation handles this. Firstly, when's it going to show the PS4 version off? And secondly, how's it going to price the game? The Xbox One edition can be purchased for less than $35 these days, with much of the summer still left to run until we hit the end of year rush. Surely the firm's going to have to price this port pretty darn low?

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