What the fine vanilla fudge is this? Watch Dogs 2's first commercial has leaked via Twitch, and it's definitely got a bigger identity than its predecessor – we're just not convinced by its faux-gangster theme. The clip confirms the game's San Francisco setting, and shows hipsters and cartel members jammin' to some bad rap wearing horse masks.

To be fair, we were one of the many who lambasted the original for being plainer than beige wallpaper, but we're not sure that we wanted this from a sequel either. A full reveal is due at 17:00PM BST, so we'll maintain an open mind ahead of watching it. One thing's for sure: our curiosity has very much been piqued.

Update (11:15AM BST): And the video has, inevitably, been pulled. You'll find a Daily Motion mirror below.

Update (17:30PM BST): The full version of this trailer is now live. You can watch it through here.

[source youtube.com]