Watch Dogs 2 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Hackers may have obtained access to Watch Dogs 2's marketing materials earlier than expected, but Ubisoft has now officially revealed the game. Set in San Francisco as expected, the title will put you in the skinny jeans of nerd vigilante Marcus Holloway, who'll bring the Bay Area to its knees using his drone and smartphone.

The game's definitely got a lot more personality than its predecessor, with the sunny setting of San Francisco contrasting the moody urban streets of Chicago quite nicely. It'll play slightly differently, too: Marcus' moveset focuses on quick traversal abilities, so expect more parkour than Aiden Pearce could ever manage.

You'll be able to hack more things as well, including other vehicles. If that's not enough, multiplayer will be more organic, allowing you to set up co-op scenarios and more when and where you want. It looks like a nice improvement across the board, and it certainly has more style than its forebear. A nice surprise, then.