PSX PlayStation Experience Europe 1

PlayStation Experience has been an enormous success. The first event was more of an experiment really, but it went from strength-to-strength in 2015, suggesting that the US version will return again in December. But it sounds like Sony may be planning a European leg of the popular fan-fest as well, with the snippet buried in a Game Reactor article.

The platform holder is, of course, undecided about whether it will hold a press conference at Gamescom or Paris Games Week this year – but maybe it's biding its time because it's organising its own shindig? That could very well be the case; it used to hold low-key fan gatherings in the UK, but there hasn't been one for a while. Time to bring them back?

Seeing as a large proportion of the PlayStation fanbase is in Europe, it probably makes sense for the platform holder to arrange something like this. The big question is: which city would it hold the event in, and when? London seems like the most obvious venue, but er… Those in continental Europe may be less happy with that.