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Resident Evil 7 looks to have taken a little inspiration from P.T., the demo for Silent Hills. However, according to producer Masachika Kawata, the sequel was in development before Konami's famous demo deployed. That said, it sounds like everyone at Capcom was a big fan of the concept – and the publisher was sad to see the project cancelled.

"I know from hearing on the backside of the industry in Japan that the staff who worked on it had to work very hard to achieve what they did," he told GameSpot. "I think it looked really great, and it had so much promise, and I was unfortunately very disappointed that it didn't come to fruition. That was too bad that that happened; I'd just like to share the fact that I really loved it."

Of course, Resident Evil 7 now has the unenviable task of filling the Hideo Kojima directed title's void, and Capcom's still being a little coy about what we can expect from the final game. There will be combat and herbs, and the plot will be connected to previous titles – but beyond that, the publisher's remaining schtum. We liked the demo, however, so hopefully it can hit the same high standards.