Friday the 13th The Game PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Friday the 13th: The Game was crowd-funded for the PlayStation 4 last year, and Gun Media has been busy beavering away on the asymmetrical multiplayer outing ever since. This pre-alpha footage shows off the game in all of its gory glory, demonstrating how hockey masked murderer Jason Voorhees will use a variety of abilities in order to track down his prey.

The game will work a little like Evolve, where one player will assume the role of the serial killer, while others will adopt the role of campers trying to survive. You'll be able to use locks and radios in order to draw Jason's attention away from your position, while Voorhees can teleport and see through walls. This is going to be a tough one to balance, but it could prove a nice novelty with the right care and attention.