Crash Bandicoot PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Not like this – please, not like this! While your humble host was warring with faulty pre-E3 2016 hardware, a Singapore-based retailer named Qisahn has been busy listing a PlayStation 4 exclusive version of Skylanders: Imaginators – which will supposedly include Crash Bandicoot. As the Kaiser Chiefs once sang, we predict a riot.

We have a few thoughts on this. Firstly, we can't imagine that Sony would be stupid enough to parade this on stage next week if it's all that it's got on the 'Coot front – there'd be a mutiny. Secondly, and perhaps more interestingly, why on Earth would a Crash Bandicoot version of Skylanders: Imaginators be exclusive to the PS4?

We suppose that Sony could have negotiated some kind of deal with Activision and exclusive access to the iconic character in Imaginators is all that it could secure, but then why has it spent eons teasing the hero if all it could muster is dibs to a Skylanders character. None of it makes sense, valued readers – we sincerely hope that all is revealed next week.

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