Voice control's a concept that's always intrigued us, but even with the rise and fall of the Kinect, it's failed to really catch on in a meaningful way. Maybe upcoming PlayStation 4 console exclusive There Came an Echo will be the title to change all of that, as your larynx will become your biggest asset in Iridium Studios' ambitious real-time strategy title.

Essentially, you'll play the role of a field commander, instructing a squad of hotshot soldiers where you want them to go, what you want them to do, and when you want them to do it. You'll do all of this using the PS4's microphone. "We actually worked directly with Sony's engineers to modify internal libraries, all in order to make the game's exceptionally complex voice recognition," lead designer Jason Wishnov explained on the PlayStation Blog.

The game's got a pretty strong voice cast, too, with Wil Wheaton, Ashly Burch, and Laura Bailey all involved. Whether the cyberpunk story – which is all about a cryptographer named Corrin – will justify their talents remains to be seen, though. Either way, it's pretty brave building a game around voice control, so consider our interest piqued. The title's due out on 31st May in North America and 1st June in Europe.

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