Street Fighter V may have bombed at retail, but Ibuki's here to make sure that it bombs in-game, too. The unstoppable schoolgirl is set to join the PlayStation 4 exclusive's roster imminently, and she's armed with explosives, throwing knives, and… A parachute. The trailer above demonstrates just how fun this new challenger can be – we especially like the way that she can lob mines mid-combo and time her moves to use them as a devastating finisher.

The fresh-faced ninja is the third character to be added to Capcom's brawler, with Alex and Guile both already available. Despite criticisms pointed at the quantity of content available in the fighting game at launch, June is set to see the fighter augmented with another major update, including its long-awaited story mode, which will supposedly add over an hour of cinematic content to the release. Here's hoping for some kind of arcade option, too!