Street Fighter V PS4 PlayStation 4 1

And breathe. Street Fighter V is not the commercial catastrophe that many predicted – in fact, it's doing pretty damn well all things considered. An update to Capcom's website – accurate as of 31st March, 2016 – reveals that the brawler has sold 1.4 million copies across the PlayStation 4 and PC, when taking into account both physical and digital purchases. A solid number.

When you consider that vanilla Street Fighter IV sold 3.4 million units in its entire lifetime, this is a really promising figure for the fighter – especially with its big story and single player updates still to come. Of course, it could be argued that given the lack of content at launch, the game doesn't deserve success – but strong sales from the outset should give the publisher the financial freedom to continue expanding the release.

Are you happy to see Street Fighter V performing surprisingly well, or would you have rather watched it flop considering the lack of content available out of the box? Quarter-circle punch the comments section below.

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