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We've said it a million times before, and we'll say it again: Street Fighter V is a bloody good fighting game - but its prowess as a brawler hasn't been enough to disperse the air of negativity that's surrounded the title since it launched earlier this year.

Recently, Capcom revealed that the game has actually sold reasonably well despite the fact that it's constantly barraged by armchair analysts every time that it's mentioned. Its sales figures didn't quite reach the company's expectations, but it's still looking far healthier than many would have expected.

However, during the publisher's most recent earnings report, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto made some no-nonsense comments regarding Street Fighter V and its failure to meet the company's estimates. Tsujimoto admitted that the game had a "lack of content" and that it "needed more polish".

The CEO explained: "Some aspects of Street Fighter V needed more polish, such as the lack of content and server issues at launch. Accordingly, we feel it's better to give a little more time to development than before, and have made slight adjustments to our portfolio." In other words, it sounds like Capcom's learned this particular lesson the hard way.

Still, we can appreciate the publisher's refreshingly frank statements - they're a lot less tedious than some of the sugar-coated comments that we see spouted by other companies these days.

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