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We hate reporting on stories that amount to little more than "man on Twitter said", but we suppose that we'll have to cover this one. Shinobi602, the industrious social media "insider" who's fast turning into this industry's most sourced person, claims that Horizon: Zero Dawn has been pushed into 2017. Bold? Eh, it seemed inevitable really, didn't it?

The game was confirmed for a 2016 release when it was announced, and group president Andrew House re-iterated that point at GDC earlier in the year. But this is an ambitious undertaking with a lot of anticipation behind it, so it seems reasonable that Guerrilla Games would want to take its time to get things right. It's an open world RPG for heaven's sake – they don't build themselves overnight.

One thing we will say about the Amsterdam-based studio is that it's always punctual, so if the title has been pushed back, you're probably looking at a March release rather than the holidays, which wouldn't be a massive delay. At the end of the day, as long as we get The Last Guardian soon, this author will be satisfied. Please, Ueda-san – please!

We'll contact Sony and see if we can get any update on Horizon: Zero Dawn's launch date, but y'all know how this works by now, right? The company does not comment on rum–...

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