Abe's exodus

While there are conflicting reports on where developers stand on the PlayStation 4K, industry veteran Lorne Lanning has hinted that Sony may be making the right move in an interview with Game Informer. The silver haired suit – who co-founded Oddworld Inhabitants – suggested that he personally believes the concept of seven year console cycles is becoming less viable, especially considering the constant evolution in the smartphone space.

Lanning also leans heavily on a stage interview that he had with Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida a few years ago, where the affable executive apparently indicated that the platform holder needs to be more agile with its hardware development moving forwards. Rather than paraphrase all of the veteran's words, we'll let you watch the video for yourself; the PS4K discussion kicks off at around the 44 minute mark, and includes some interesting tid-bits.

[source youtube.com]