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  • Feature 5 PS4K Neo Reveals Sony Must Make at PlayStation Meeting 2016

    Price! Date! Games!

    PlayStation Meetings are rarer than Atlas Stones, so it's always exciting when Sony announces one of the exclusive events. The last shindig that the platform holder held saw the announcement of the PlayStation 4, while the next will almost certainly play host to the PS4K – or Neo, as it's also known. And with the 7th September...

  • News Yes, Sony's PlayStation Meeting Will Be Livestreamed

    In case you were wondering

    A few hours ago, Sony basically confirmed that it'll be officially revealing the PS4K - or Neo as it's also known - at an event in New York on the 7th September. Exciting stuff, but we've already had a few people asking us whether or not the show will be streamed online. Fortunately, we've got an answer via Polygon...

  • News Sony Officially Schedules PS4K Neo Unveiling for 7th September

    PlayStation Meeting incoming

    It's finally here, folks – the PlayStation 4K Neo will be officially unveiled on 7th September at a PlayStation Meeting in New York. Sound familiar? This is all playing out very similarly to the original PS4 reveal, isn't it? Members of the press have been receiving their invites to the event today, where Sony will...

  • Rumour PS4K Neo May Be Revealed 7th September in New York

    Get ready

    We posted a spot of speculation pondering when the PlayStation 4K – or Neo, as it's codenamed – will be revealed over the weekend, but we didn't really come to any firm conclusions. Now a

  • Talking Point When Will the PS4K Neo Actually Be Announced?

    Just 4King reveal it

    The million dollar question: when will the PlayStation 4K – or Neo as it's perhaps better known – be announced? There was a thread on NeoGAF this week pondering how long Sony can possibly wait to reveal its upgraded hardware, and despite thinking long and hard about it, we've struggled to come up with an answer –...

  • News GameStop's Boss Just Hinted PS4K Is Coming in 2016


    GameStop is far and away the biggest video game retailer in the United States, and CEO Paul Raines is privy to information that none of us know. Fortunately, every time that he appears on national television, he tends to let us in on the secret – he more or less dated PlayStation VR before Sony had a chance to, after all. And now he's...

  • News Amazon Readies for Release of New PS4 Console

    Spanish arm expects new system on 13th October

    Amazon Spain has added a new product page for a brand new PlayStation 4 console set to release on 13th October, prompting speculation that it could be the anticipated PS4K – or Neo as it's also known. The listing includes a €399.99 price point, which is exactly what we'd expect the upgraded console...

  • News Devs May Start Submitting PS4K Compatible Titles Next Month

    Developer documentation leaks

    As alluded in our Talking Point earlier today, we suspect that PlayStation 4K may happen fast. Sony's talked about its desire of selling the system soon after its announcement, and that could come any day now. Indeed, developer documentation which has leaked online suggests that studios will be able to start submitting...

  • Talking Point Is Sony Scared of Xbox's Scorpio?

    Neo way

    Microsoft jumped feet first into the iterative hardware space at E3 2016, announcing Project Scorpio for… Well, the end of 2017! Sony, on the other hand, opted to keep the PlayStation 4K closer to its chest, confirming that it is working on an upgraded console, but refusing to share specifics until the platform is officially announced –...

  • News Unreal Engine Maker Can't Wait for PS4K

    Neo glee-o

    The sentiment here at Push Square Towers, in general, is that we're really excited for the PlayStation 4K – or Neo, as it's codenamed. For us, it represents a new console launch which is always fun, but it's also going to be thrilling to see exactly how Sony positions it – and how it's received by the general public. Plus, shiny new...

  • News Brexit Could Mean a More Expensive PS4K for UK Gamers

    And what will happen to Britain's many developers?

    It's been a tough year for the UK games industry, with major studios such as Lionhead and Evolution shut down – even if the latter team was fortunately kept together by Codemasters. But there are con

  • News Sony: PS4K Will Not Shorten the PS4's Lifecycle

    They're the same thing

    It's been reiterated a dozen or so times now, but Sony has clarified that the PlayStation 4K (or Neo as it's known internally) will not bring a premature end to the current generation. Speaking with a Russian website, Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida explained that "PS4 is still PS4". He continued: "The new high end...

  • News PS4K Will Launch This Year, Sources Claim

    Neo and dear

    Sony may not have shown it at E3 2016, but the word on the street is that the PlayStation 4K will release this year. Eurogamer.net's got the scoop, with a Digital Foundry report citing "several sources" who have indicated that t

  • E3 2016 All of Sony's Press Conference Games Were Running on PS4

    And not on Neo

    It must be flattering for the teams at Santa Monica, Bend, Guerrilla Games, and Quantic Dream, but there's been some online chatter about the titles at Sony's E3 2016 presser looking a little too good. Of course, that's led to theories suggesting that what we actually saw was PlayStation 4K footage, but Worldwide Studios president...

  • E3 2016 Sony Will Not Bifurcate the Market with PS4K

    Not about creating haves and have-nots

    Sony may not have shown the PlayStation 4K at E3 2016 this week, but its messaging has been razor sharp: the iterative console represents a step-forward for gamers looking for the best possible performance, but no one will get left behind. It's an option – and it will be sold concurrently alongside the...

  • E3 2016 We Won't Dictate the Future of PS4 to Our Fans, Says Sony

    The manufacturer won't rush its community with PS4K

    Iterative hardware represents a tightrope that Sony's just starting to navigate with PlayStation 4K. Inevitably, some are outraged by the idea, while others are on board. But the platform holder has said that it will not rush fans with its high-end hardware revision – it's simply planning a new...

  • E3 2016 PS4K Is An Addition to the Existing PS4, Says House

    Games will play an awful lot prettier than ever before

    While Microsoft doesn't appear to have its record straight about whether its mysterious Project Scorpio will receive exclusive games or not, Sony is being very clear: PlayStation 4K is a complement to the existing PS4 hardware slate – it's not a replacement. Andrew House, group president of...

  • Reaction Will Xbox's Scorpio Take the Sting Out of PS4K?

    Neo way

    So there we have it, Xbox's rumoured Project Scorpio is real – or it exists as a concept at least. Ever since the rumours regarding an upgraded Xbox One leaked, we've been discussing among ourselves how Microsoft would present it, and we wanted to wait and see before putting pen to paper. Our assumption, however, was that Microsoft would...

  • Reaction Sony Was Right to Reveal PS4K Prior to E3 2016

    Now we can look forward to the show

    The big question on Push Square's lips this week was whether Sony would reveal PlayStation 4K at E3 2016. We came to the conclusion that the manufacturer would have to chat about the souped-up system – after all, it would be embarrassing to watch the organisation deflect every question about the appliance given...

  • News Why Isn't the PS4K Going to Be at E3 2016?

    Sony's hanging tight for now

    Sony's confirmed a "high-end" version of the PlayStation 4, which is codenamed Neo – but which we're calling PS4K because, let's be honest, it's a fantastic moniker. But the console – which will offer enhanced experiences for hardcore gamers – will not be at E3 2016. Why is that? Well, here's what Andrew House...

  • News Sony: Consumers Are Attuned to a Different Cadence of Technology Innovation

    Say what, mate?

    Bloody hell, who fed PlayStation president Andrew House a thesaurus? Speaking about the now-confirmed PlayStation 4K in an interview with the Financial Times, the Welsh executive has explained the motivations

  • News PS4K Will Be 'More Expensive' Than Existing Model

    Well, duh

    Sony has confirmed that the new PlayStation 4K – which it's revealed is in development – will retail at a "more expensive" price than the original console. The devices will be sold in tandem, so you can expect it to adopt a basic and premium price model. Currently, the PS4 sells for around $349.99. While the platform holder's not co

  • News All Games Will Support PS4 Despite New PS4K Model

    Chill out

    As rumoured, there will be no "exclusive" games for the supercharged PlayStation 4K; all PS4 games will continue to run on the existing model. Group president Andrew House reassured fans in a

  • News PS4K Will Be Sold Alongside PS4 Throughout Life Cycle

    New system will "complement" existing unit

    Sony has put to bed concerns that the souped-up PlayStation 4K will replace the existing PlayStation 4 console, announcing that both devices will be sold simultaneously throughout the lifecycle of the product. This means that the upgraded console – which has now been confirmed by the platform holder –...

  • News Sony Confirms 'High-End' PS4K Exists, Won't Be at E3

    Will target "hardcore" gamers

    The bomb's finally dropped: Sony has confirmed the existence of the PS4K - or the PS4 Neo, as many refer to it. The confirmation comes from president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House, who revealed that the "high-end PS4" is a part of the company's future plans to the Financial Times. House even gives us a...

  • Talking Point PlayStation 4K - Are You In or Out?

    Neo's the time to make up your mind

    The rumoured PlayStation 4K may be announced at E3 2016 next week, potentially changing the landscape of consoles forever. With such a seismic shift on the cards, we've pulled together a gaggle of our gobbiest staffers in order ascertain whether this upgraded system is likely to flop or fly. Below you'll find a...

  • Talking Point Will Sony Announce PS4K at E3 2016?

    Neo or never?

    Sony doesn't really announce hardware at E3. There are exceptions: the PlayStation Move was hastily wheeled out a few years ago in reaction to the Kinect, while the ill-fated but kinda awesome PSPgo was also confirmed during one Los Angeles show. But most of its big system reveals tend to occur elsewhere: the PlayStation 4 was...

  • News Is PS4K Scheduled to Launch Before October?

    For the upgraders

    The PlayStation 4K, or Neo as it's supposedly codenamed, is not a rumour anymore; Sony may have refrained from commenting on the upgraded hardware, but it's almost certainly happening. The big question is: when? Previous rumours pegged the supercharged platform for October, which is when PlayStation VR is also set to deploy.

  • Soapbox Sony Needs to Set the Record Straight on PS4K Soon

    Silent fright

    I think, after reading in detail the reams of information that leaked regarding PlayStation 4K yesterday, that Sony is doing right by existing PS4 owners – but it's clear that not everyone agrees. Those of you that know me in person will know that I have a mild obsession with NeoGAF, spending incalculable hours trawling through the...

  • News Oddworld's Lorne Lanning: Consoles Lasting 7 Years Is Becoming Less Viable

    It's an odd world

    While there are conflicting reports on where developers stand on the PlayStation 4K, industry veteran Lorne Lanning has hinted that Sony may be making the right move in an interview with Game Informer. The silver haired suit – who co-founded Oddworld Inhabitants – suggested that he personally believes the concept of seven year...

  • News Sony Is Making 1080p a Requirement for Neo Mode Games on PS4K

    Frame rate can't be lower than the base game, either

    The internet's still reeling from the news that PS4K seems to be the real deal, but the details just won't stop dripping. On the latest Giant Bombcast - the podcast of Giant Bomb, the publication that initially revealed the contents of the PS4K technical documents - it's pointed out that Sony...

  • Feature Everything We Know About PS4K So Far

    Neo way

    Whether you like it or not, the PlayStation 4K – or Neo, as it's purportedly codenamed – is real. The system, which has been a hot source of speculation since the Game Developers Conference earlier in the year, was blown wide open earlier today, as

  • Reaction Sony's Marketing Department Faces a Tough Test This Holiday

    For the career ladder climbers

    To steal (and slightly alter) an old Simpsons line: won't someone think of the marketing team! Seriously, though, convincing consumers to purchase a PlayStation VR headset this Christmas was already going to be a tough test for Sony's embattled advertising agency – but now PlayStation 4K looks odds on to arrive...

  • News Sony's Sending out PS4K Dev Kits Right Now

    And so it begins

    Bloody hell, it's all kicking off today isn't it? Following Giant Bomb's earlier leak and probable confirmation of the existence of the PS4K, our pals over at Digital Foundry have stepped into the fray, backing up the claims and stating that they've also got their hands on the leaked technical documents. In short, everything that's...

  • News PS4K Is Codenamed Neo, Has Upgraded Specs, Will Not Supplant Existing PS4 Systems

    Devs requested to support both consoles starting this October

    Sony probably won't be happy today, as the PlayStation 4K has leaked in full – assuming that Giant Bomb's sources are correct. We've already heard a lot about the Japanese giant's hypothetical hardware half-step, but it seems that documentation regarding the device is now in the hands...