Not keen on the cover, though

The jury may still be out on No Man's Sky a bit, but its soundtrack is unlikely to disappoint based on the first track released. For those out of the loop, Sheffield-based prog rock band 65daysofstatic has composed all of the game's music – and is set to release a compilation of all of the bangin' choons as part of an album named No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe. It's due out globally on 17th June – a few days before the game.

Here's a snippet from the press release: "The release itself comprises 10 tracks of original music, plus a second collection of six soundscapes and sound design, exclusive to Laced Records in an all-encompassing journey of almost two hours. This music, alongside a vast library of raw audio comprised of loops, sound textures, and melody is currently being fed into the game's unique music engine under the auspices of audio director Paul Weir, effectively creating a self-generating soundtrack to infinity."

The record will be downloadable from all major digital music distributors, but there'll also be a deluxe double CD, 10 track double vinyl, and a vinyl collector's edition with all 16 tracks spread across 4 LPs available. Still not feeling the hype? We've embedded one of the tracks, Supermoon, below, which is pretty freakin' rad in our humble opinion.