DriveClub VR PS4 PlayStation 4 1

One of the big questions following the closure of Evolution Studios earlier this year is whether DriveClub VR will still see the light of day. The answer to that question appears to be a resounding yes, as Sony has submitted the virtual reality racer to American ratings board the ESRB for classification, suggesting that it intends to launch the title at some point in the future.

The question, then, is who's developing it? Well, our understanding is that PlayStation VR-based outfit North West Studio is composed of several ex-Evolution Studios employees, so it could have been brought in to finish the project off. It's also possible that the platform holder may have recruited an external partner to complete production.

Either way, it seems likely now that you'll be playing DriveClub VR at some point, after all – presumably right around the launch of Sony's magical mask. Is this one that you'd pick up alongside your headset? Put your pedal to the metal in the comments section below.

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