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Gearbox has re-iterated that it will begin developing Borderlands 3 in earnest once it's wrapped up production of forthcoming MOBA mash-up Battleborn and its subsequent DLC. The developer reassured fans during a panel at PAX East overnight, announcing that Scott Kester – the art director on Battleborn – will fulfil the same role in the upcoming sequel. Make of that what you will.

Mikey Neumann, who voices mechanic Scooter in the main series, will be handling the writing. In fact, he's already got a new character in mind, Scooper – the son of Scooter. "I did this whole Scooter thing, then I pitch-shifted it up like seven semitones so it sounds like a chipmunk and it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard," he said. Yep, that sounds like Borderlands.

One thing that the developer hinted is that Battleborn's DLC will have lots of references to Borderlands 3. Look, we hate to be all cynical, but this may be the only way that Gearbox manages to shift any expansion packs for its forthcoming game. Battleborn's due out in a matter of days by the way. Nah, no one at Push Square Towers gives a hoot either…