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You see, Ubisoft, it's daft statements like this that come back to bite you when they turn out to be wrong. Last month, a representative of the company stated that console players would be able to improve the game's frame rate by tweaking the title's graphical settings in the option menu. "I don't know of another game that does that off the top of my head. So if you want to choose frame rate over visuals, you can if you want," the unnamed developer told YouTube channel Team Epiphany.

However, as swiftly pointed out by VideoGamer, no such options exist in the full release, so don't go expecting PC-esque graphical options when you boot the game up. Obviously, this all seems to stem from a simple mistake - the developer more than likely misspoke on the matter - but it doesn't change the fact that misinformation can give way to heightened expectations, and we all know how badly expectations can impact the reputation of a newly released game.

Were you expecting to find some deeper graphical options? Are you disappointed, or is all of this news to you? Shake your head in the comments section below.