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Before you start, yes, we know that everyone's peeved with regards to Bandai Namco's frankly mental Dark Souls III release schedule, but we're trying our best to keep things positive here, lest we go mad waiting for what some have called the best Souls game in the series.

With that in mind, we'd like to direct your attention to the title's first review. As expected of the prestigious franchise, it looks as though this third instalment has lived up to the hype, with EDGE awarding the release a 9/10 in the magazine's latest issue.

The publication says that the game can seem a little too familiar at times, but brilliant boss fights coupled with hugely enjoyable exploration make the title well worth picking up. What's more, the review also states that the release features some of the best music in the series. Good stuff, then.

So, without jumping the gun, could we be looking at an early Game of the Year contender here? Patiently await our own review in the comments section below.

[source gamesradar.com, via videogamer.com]