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Sony's last-gen console is almost a decade old, but thanks to Japan's shifting gaming market, many Japanese publishers are reluctant to miss out on the potential sales that the PlayStation 3's large install base can provide. However, continuing to develop titles for such an old platform isn't always ideal, as evidenced by the news that Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness has been delayed on PS3 in Japan.

According to statement from Square Enix, translated by Gematsu, the title's been pushed back to ensure its quality. In other words, it sounds like the developer is having trouble squeezing the cross-gen release onto the ageing PS3 hardware. Instead of launching later this month, the last-gen version will now hit store shelves on the 28th April.

Of course, this isn't a story that's going to have an impact on most of you reading this, but we thought that it was worth pointing out, if only to highlight a reason as to why the PS3 is finally on the decline in Japan.

Is it about time that Japan phased out the PS3? Can you blame publishers for continuing to support the system when the console market is shrinking in Japan? Wave goodbye in the comments section below.

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