PlayStation 4 PS4 Xbox One Microsoft UK Sales

Bad news for all those people who predicted consoles were dying out: the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are doing extremely well in the UK. New data released by GAME reveals that the combined total of new-gen consoles sold tallies 5.1 million units – while the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 could only muster 3.5 million units at the same point in their lifespan.

MCV revealed in January that the PS4 alone had surpassed three million units, which puts Microsoft's machine at a still respectable two million units. Of course, this data doesn't include Wii sales, which would surely lift the previous generation's console sales well above the current one – especially given the difficulties that the Wii U has experienced since launch.

It also remains to be seen whether the PS4 and Xbox One can keep selling like their predecessors; the high-definition twins remained popular well into their seventh years on the market, after all. Sony will be hoping that PlayStation VR gives its console a mid-generation boost, while both manufacturers may consider hardware half-steps to keep their boxes fresh.

UK Installed Base PS4 Xbox One Comparison

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