Laying foundations

Before there was Until Dawn, there was Tumble – one of the many overlooked PlayStation Move exclusives by Guildford-based developer Supermassive Games. The good news is that the puzzler's making a comeback in PlayStation VR, and Tumble VR's already looking like one of the pricey peripheral's must own games.

For those unfamiliar with this series, it's all about dexterity and precision. Using either the PlayStation Move wands or DualShock 4, you must build increasingly complex towers using a wealth of different shaped bricks. It's way, way more fun than it sounds, and the mechanics switch up as you progress, requiring you to build bridges and other structures later on.

Apparently, the studio's rebuilt the PlayStation 3 original specifically with virtual reality in mind, and it's even incorporating second screen modes that will require PlayStation VR wearers to collaborate with those watching on the television screen. We loved the original game so we're really excited for this one – in fact, we're tempted to boot up the last-gen version in anticipation.