Tumble VR

Tumble VR (PS4)


PlayStation 4
Sony Computer Entertainment
Supermassive Games


Game Rating

User Ratings: 6

Our Review: 7/10


Number of Players
Release Date

PlayStation 4

  • US 13th Oct 2016
  • EU 13th Oct 2016
PSVR Support
PlayStation VR (Required)
Controller Support
PlayStation Move, DualShock 4
Feature Support
PlayStation VR

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Tumble VR Screenshot
Tumble VR Screenshot
Tumble VR Screenshot
Tumble VR Screenshot
Tumble VR Screenshot
Tumble VR Screenshot


  • Review Tumble VR (PS4)

    Topple the blocks

    Ah, humble Tumble – the underrated PlayStation Move title that really proved the power of Sony's motion wand. A little dull on paper perhaps, virtual reality revisit Tumble VR stands taller than the sum of its parts, using three dimensional motion tracking to turn tower building into world beating entertainment. You may just have...

About The Game

Do you have a steady hand and nerves of steel? Do you enjoy building towers or are you more of a demolition demon? With over 70 fiendishly addictive levels of balancing, building and demolishing, Tumble VR – exclusive to PlayStation®VR – will test your physical and mental dexterity to the max.

Get hands-on with gravity-defying building tasks where the highest tower gets the biggest score, or take on tricky balancing acts with blocks of all shapes, sizes, weights and dimensions. Enjoy blowing things up? Lay mines in tactical positions to topple towers and score points for the biggest blast radius.

Solve puzzles together with friends or go head-to-head in social screen play, where what you see on your PlayStation®VR headset's screen is what your friends see on their TV.