'Room for one more?

Gearbox Software's sense of humour may prompt more raised brows than a certain politician with an exuberant comb over here at Push Square Towers, but that doesn't mean we can entirely forget that Battleborn exists – much as we'd obviously like to. The developer's announced today that the MOBA-inspired first-person shooter will enter open beta starting 8th April on the PlayStation 4 – a little earlier than other formats.

We reckon that Sony's involvement with this game hints at a deeper relationship with 2K Games; the title's popped up at practically all of PlayStation's press conferences of late, despite a distinct lack of consumer interest in it. As such, we wouldn't be surprised if the Japanese giant's secured co-marketing rights to Borderlands 3, and has agreed to promote Randy Pitchford's pet project in the meantime. We mean, why else would it negotiate exclusive early access to Battleborn's beta?

Just quickly: Gearbox has also revealed the structure of the upcoming release's campaign in a press release. Basically, it'll adopt the form of eight different episodes (plus a prologue) which will depict its heroes' fight to save the star Solus. There's a trailer embedded below – it's awful, as you'd probably expect.