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If you're the sort of person that likes to complain about the PlayStation Plus line-up on a monthly basis, here's your chance to do something about it – well, within reason, of course. Vote to Play is now live – you'll find it in the PlayStation Store – allowing you to pick one of next month's free PlayStation 4 games. The options include Assault Android Cactus, Action Henk, and Broforce.

The latter is currently way out in the lead, but there's still 12 days of voting left to go, so the results could change dramatically yet. Which game are you voting for? We're recycling our poll from last week, because… Well, why not?

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Which PS4 freebie will you be voting for? (168 votes)

  1. Action Henk11%
  2. Assault Android Cactus30%
  3. Broforce40%
  4. None of them19%

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