toukiden 2 screenshots 1.jpg

Well, that was fast. We already reported earlier today that we're anticipating our first proper look at Toukiden 2 due to the fact that the game's teaser website has opened, but Japanese publication Famitsu's gone ahead and released several screenshots from the demon slaying sequel just a couple of hours after we posted the story.

The pictures give us an early glimpse of the title's open world, which is unsurprisingly crawling with deadly oni enemies. Set to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita in Japan, we're not expecting a graphical powerhouse of a game, but we have to admit that the project's looking rather pretty, and apparently, it's only 60 per cent complete.

How do you think it looks? Are you eager to get stuck into an open world oni hunt? Cleave your way into the comments section below.

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