Street Fighter V 5 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Many of you may have found that examining your fist online in Street Fighter V was virtually impossible last night. The game's servers could be described as flaky at best, but the biggest problem was matchmaking with other players. We tried for about three hours, but couldn't get into a single game. Fortunately, at the time of typing, things have been fixed.

We've just booted up the title and got into three matches in a row; for those curious, we won one and lost two. Yeah, it seems like we need a lot of practice yet. If things remain like this, then your humble host can only echo the comments made in our review – the netcode is sublime when things work. We encountered zero perceivable lag during our tests this morning.

This is all good news, of course, because without online play, Street Fighter V is a bit of a shell. Slather it on top of the scant single player options, though, and it becomes something much more enjoyable – the fighting here really is top drawer. Have you had better luck with Capcom's latest this morning? Kick us like Cammy in the comments section below.