Hideo Kojima PS4 PlayStation 4 VR Virtual Reality
Image: Edward Makuch / PlayStation

To say there's no scepticism surrounding PlayStation VR would be a lie. Every time we write about the peripheral – or virtual reality in general – it comes under some criticism from both readers and the wider web alike. But speaking with Polygon, ex-Metal Gear Solid maker Hideo Kojima has suggested that the cynicism is misplaced – especially when it comes to things like price and size.

"We should be focusing on thinking that if this is the current technology, what will we be able to achieve in 10 years?" the auteur exclaimed. "It's obvious that head-mounted gear will be more compact, that prices will go down. We should be thinking about this technology now." In short: virtual reality will only get better, like every technological shift.

Despite this, the veteran has admitted that his upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive won't support the tech, but he'd like to work on it in the future. We can't even begin to imagine what a Kojima developed VR experience would be like, but we'd definitely be up for the ride. Do you think that he's speaking sense when it comes to this fledgling tech? Strap yourself into the comments section below.

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