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While there are three different high-profile virtual reality headsets scheduled to launch this year, it doesn't feel like they're necessarily in competition. That's not to say that Sony, HTC, and Oculus don't want you to buy their own particular solution, but the trio of manufacturers seem to be acutely aware that their biggest challenge is convincing consumers to shell out in the first place.

With that said, there's no doubt that PlayStation VR has the best shot at success. While we still don't have a price for the PlayStation 4 peripheral, the Japanese giant has the brand power, marketing capabilities, and distribution connections to make its device the most popular of the three – and analyst Michael Pachter believes that the company will stamp its name on the space if it can get its unit's price below $500.

"Wow, Vive priced at $800," he said of yesterday's news. "This sets Oculus up to win at $600, and sets Sony up to dominate if they have the ability to price sub $500." As we've repeated ad nauseam by now, this author reckons that Sony's solution will be considerably cheaper than expected, but not everyone in the Push Square office agrees. Either way, it has a huge opportunity to undercut its counterparts right now.