Dark Souls 3 III PS4 PlayStation 4 1

In addition to being utterly fantastic games, there's a rebellious streak to the Souls series that makes it so appealing. We described Bloodborne as the "anti-AAA" in our Game of the Year article on the PlayStation 4 exclusive, and that applies to the franchise as a whole really; it's utterly uninterested in concession, and it couldn't care less about easing in newcomers.

It seems that even Dark Souls III has succumb to the Season Pass, however. The unannounced pre-purchase leaked on the Australian arm of Xbox's website, and has since been pulled. It mentioned that the sub would include two DLC packs, boasting new maps, bosses, enemies, weapons, and armour sets. There's no word on when these will roll out, however.

The good news, of course, is that From Software generally does damn good DLC, with the recent Old Hunters expansion for Bloodborne being an essential add-on. We expect the company to take its time with this content, so you may want to hold off snapping up the Season Pass as soon as it becomes available. After all, it'll be there waiting for you when the content's actually, y'know, announced.

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