Firewatch PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Firewatch is not a game that demands flawless performance, but it's difficult to stay immersed in the Wyoming wilderness when it's wobbling like a plate of jelly. Fortunately, developer Campo Santo acknowledged the performance issues almost immediately, and has been working hard on a patch ever since. That update's available now, and pledges various improvements across the board.

Among those is a more stable framerate, though the draw distance and asset streaming has also been enhanced, meaning that you should no longer see trees popping up in front of you. Autosaves have also been reduced to prevent hitches from occurring so often, while various game breaking bugs and geometry issues have been tightened up.

"We're still not done supporting Firewatch," the studio said. "We're currently working with Unity on further improving the game by upgrading to an upcoming version of their engine. We're also planning to add subtitles for other languages to the PS4 version." Credit where credit's due, then: at least the developer's acting quickly on the criticisms. None of this will make the story any better, mind…