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It's been a rough couple of months for Destiny - developer Bungie's biggest ever project. Following the release of The Taken King, last year's big expansion, players have been becoming increasingly disgruntled with the game's offerings. Sparrow Racing League felt like an unfinished add-on or a prelude to something more significant, and the current event, Crimson Days, doesn't really provide anything new or exciting. In short, it's been difficult imagining events like these would be enough to keep people invested in Destiny.

Fortunately, Bungie has finally decided to give Guardians a glimpse of what the future holds for its sci-fi shooter - and not a moment too soon. To start with, the studio says that a major update is coming to the title this spring. It'll bring a "significant" light level increase along with new equipment and new challenges for PvE activities. It certainly sounds like a good start.

Next up, the developer's announced that a "large" expansion is hitting later this year. With any luck, this'll be another Taken King-esque expansion that builds and improves upon what we already have.

And, finally, Bungie has revealed that there is indeed a sequel in the works. It's scheduled to launch in 2017.

How do you feel about this? Has your confidence in Destiny been waning? Does this news help? Get your fireteam together and start dancing in the comments section below.