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Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below is a pretty game. It's bursting with colour, it flaunts Akira Toriyama's amazing art style, and it's packed with memorable monster designs. Dragon Quest Heroes II should look just as good, then, and judging by the sequel's first batch of official screenshots, it does.

Last month, we got a quick glimpse of the title's new main characters, and now we get to see how they'll look in the actual release. What's more, a couple of pre-rendered pics show off some of the fresh monsters types that you'll be thwacking, including those pesky bodkin archers.

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By and large, we're expecting Dragon Quest Heroes II to be more of the same, but as with most sequels that Omega Force pumps out, it'll likely expand upon the original in almost every way. That means more playable characters, more maps, and, of course, more monsters. The action role-playing release is due out in May in Japan, but a Western date hasn't been confirmed yet.

How do you think it's looking? Do you like the designs of the new heroes? Tell us who you'll be taking into battle in the comments section below.

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