Call of Duty World League Challenge Division 1

We live and breathe video games at Push Square, but there are enormously popular pockets of the industry that fly over even our heads. Why do millions upon millions of people watch MOBAs on Twitch, for example? Shrugs. What's the structure of the PlayStation 4 sponsored Call of Duty World League? Shrugs. Occasionally, we're expected to understand these things.

Well, here's the thing, readers: we don't. So when Activision kindly asked us to cover the new Call of Duty World League Challenge Division, we did what we always do: politely agreed without considering the repercussions. That leaves us in our current predicament – writing about something that we don't understand. Good thing we've managed to make a career out of it, eh?

So, basically, the Challenge Division offers a means for amateur players just like you to forge a path into the Call of Duty Championships. The European competitions are nearing, and those teams that perform well in the events scheduled 20th to 21st February, 27th to 28th February, and 12th March to 13th March will graduate to the Stage 1 Relegation tournament.

There'll be $5,000 prize pools up for grabs in the Challenge Division contests, and you can sign up via the corresponding links above. Did you understand any of that? No, we didn't either – but this is video games now. Articles like this make us seriously doubt our life decisions...