Toilet PS4 PlayStation 4 1

If you've got to go, for God's sake don't relieve your bladder all over a bunch of video games. That's what one Target shopper did, as he was caught on CCTV urinating over a shelf of software and accessories. The incident took place on 5th January in Pennsylvania, and police have since brought the chap in for questioning after he pulled the tinkle trigger.

A report reads: "The male took a handicap electric cart and drove around the store coming to a stop in the electronics aisle. After removing one set of urine soaked pants, he exposed himself and began to urinate on video games and accessories. The suspect left the area after he finished." Maybe he was incensed by the PlayStation 4's recent sales success?

In truth we probably shouldn't laugh because there's likely a much darker story at play here. Having said that, will someone please think of the video games! After all, it wasn't that long ago that we reported on one excited individual who opted to choke the chicken over Sony's system in an electronics store.

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