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Last week we reported that Grand Theft Auto V's story based downloadable content may still be happening. The actor that plays Franklin, one of the game's three main characters, posted a photo of himself wearing a motion capture suit on Instagram, which unsurprisingly lead to plenty of speculation.

Putting a dampener on the party, however, is Ned Luke - the man behind Michael, another of Grand Theft Auto V's playable trio. According to Luke's Facebook page, he knows nothing about any single player DLC: "EVERYBODY wants single player DLC… I know NOTHING about that [...] Don't know when it's gonna happen or even IF it's gonna happen."

It's safe to say that Luke's post has dashed the hopes of more than a few faithful fans, but we wouldn't rule anything out just yet. Developer Rockstar still hasn't come forward to comment on this whole fiasco, so with any luck, we'll get some sort of official statement in the near future - at this point, we'd love nothing more than to put this saga to bed.

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