dq builders wall.jpg

Remember when Sony partnered with Square Enix to cover Shinjuku train station in Dragon Quest Heroes bubble wrap? Japanese commuters were free to pop slimes until their fingers ached, and the result was an advertising campaign worth writing about. And now, with Dragon Quest Builders launching this week in the Land of the Rising Sun, the two companies are at it again, only this time, they've traded bubbles for bricks.

Shinjuku station's walls are now home to a huge mural made up of small LEGO-like bricks, and those who pass by are invited to pick away at the picture piece by piece. The end goal is the gradual reveal of an image that lies beneath the blocks, but it's also worth mentioning that around 300 of the 180,000 (!) bricks contain a QR code prize, allowing you to download some special wallpaper.

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Do you prefer picking bricks to popping bubbles, or do you just want a confirmed Western localisation for Dragon Quest Builders? Whatever your desire, bring a hammer and bash your thoughts into the comments section below.

[source jp.playstation.com, via gematsu.com]