DQ Bubble

It's been quite some time since we saw an advertising campaign as good as Dragon Quest Heroes' Japanese attempt.

At Shinjuku's metro station, Square Enix has plastered a wall with bubble wrap, and asks that the public band together and pop it. This isn't your normal safety material, however, as each individual bubble sports a picture of a slime -- the Dragon Quest series' iconic monster -- with the idea that you're defeating 100,000 of the little critters by walking over and prodding them.

Sony's even gone ahead and launched a website to keep track of how many slimes have been slain, although given the country's love of all things Dragon Quest, we reckon that it won't be long until the station's liberated from the monster menace. We can almost hear those delightful popping sounds.

Do you enjoy seeing out of the ordinary campaigns like this? Do you wish that publishers would try similar things more often? Join us in wishing that our office was made of bubble wrap in the comments section below.

[source jp.playstation.com, via gematsu.com]