kung fury ps4 update.jpg

In case you missed it, the otherwise barebones brawler Kung Fury: Street Rage saw the release of a rather hefty update last month. The update features a brand new, fully voice acted story mode and grants fans of the film the opportunity to play as the ludicrous Triceracop, the minigun-toting Barbarianna, and the highly intelligent Hackerman.

While it might not be enough to warrant a purchase from those that passed the title by the first time, The Arcade Strikes Back - as the patch is known - is still an admirable gesture from Swedish developer Hello There that displays great commitment to its product.

It seems that a lot of the criticisms in our review of the game - which you can take a look at over here - have been addressed; our primary concern being a general lack of content. The aforementioned story mode offers roughly thirty solid minutes of additional gameplay, and although the levels included aren't all that different from the endless mode's wave-based onslaughts, the few boss fights that are scattered in between them provide some much-needed variation for the hectic formula.

Moreover, the goofy skits that accompany these scuffles are unsurprisingly humorous, and anyone that enjoyed the writing in the main article will likely crack a smile or two here for the same, unashamed reasons.

In any case, Kung Fury: Street Rage - The Arcade Strikes Back is probably worth your attention if you found yourself hammering away at the title upon its original release. Just try not to break your d-pad along with all of those Nazi faces, all right?